about debora's glass art

Debora's glass art is an incredible blending of an ancient Egyptian and Italian art form, coupled with futuristic glass created for the space industry. The process of creating this unique, sophisticated, three-dimensional glass art begins by hand cutting various colors and textures of high-tech art glass. The assorted layers are then formed into an intricate glass "sandwich" and kiln-fired to temperatures of up to 1800 degrees. The exciting end results vary according to the temperature, length of firing time and color combinations used.

The Debora Wayne Artglass Collection has been created with a sense of wonder and passion for this ancient artform and was completely handcrafted from start to finish. Due to the nature of this medium, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike, making each work truly a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Debora Wayne creates artistic adornment for both residential and commercial space. Working with Fine Art galleries, art consultants, and interior designers, Debora transforms her glass "jewels" into custom wall art, furniture, lighting, accessories and anything else imaginable, creating unique environments that continually amaze and inspire.